Research in Eco-Designed Ballistic Systems for Durable Lightweight Protections Against Current and New Threats in Platform and Personal Applications


Ecoballife is a €10M project funded by the European Defence Fund (EDF) and managed by the European Defence Agency (EDA) to foster collaborative research and development of defence technologies and products across the EU.
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Developing new materials and technologies for defence protection. Innovating and optimising protection solutions for current and future threats. Enhancing European defence and security with cutting-edge knowledge and solutions.
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Impact & Applications

Creating novel composites and structures for ballistic protection. Improving and optimising protection concepts for STANAG 4569 levels 3-4. Developing dynamic passive armours and advanced manufacturing methods for STANAG 4569 levels 5-6.
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Develop cutting-edge materials and technologies to enhance the defence and security of Europe. Protect soldiers and platforms from current and future threats, while boosting the innovation and strategic autonomy of the European defence industry.
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